industrial technology


The grit/salt box version
of the LoBox

keeps its contents safe and ready to use
whatever the weather.

Made from FRP (fibre-reinforced plastic FRP), it’s resistant to UV, high temperatures, low temperatures down to –60°C and corrosion. Lifetimes of 20 years or more are common, and we offer a 5-year warranty on the LoBox’s function. Smooth inside walls allow residue-free emptying and easy cleaning.

The very robust lid
is stackable and vandal-proof as standard at no extra cost. Lockable lids are available on request.

LoBoxes with lids are stackable. They can be lifted on all four sides with a pallet truck or forklift as standard. Empty boxes without lids are nestable, reducing
empty mileage.

As they have the same dimensions as EUR-pallets,
320 empty boxes can be loaded onto a single truck.


without opening/chute, including lid

€149 ex. VAT, ex works

with opening/chute, including lid

€326 ex. VAT, ex works

Technical data

Outside measurements (approx.):
1200mm x 800mm
height ca. 715mm

Capacity without opening:
approx. 469 litres
Payload capacity (max): 750kg
Weight of box: approx. 50kg
Weight of lid: approx. 16kg

Made in Germany!

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